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Where’s Wally and Sammy?

Win a $1k Travel Voucher!

Let us know where you’ve seen Wally, MD of Holman Plumbing and Sammy, Samios legend amongst the in-store graphic to win a $1k Travel Voucher! Enter the location in the form to be in the draw to win.

    Contest Details

    How can I enter?

    Located the Wally and Sammy characters on the illustrated graphic, located inside your local Samio’s. Submit the correct location in the form above to go into the draw to win a $1000 Travel Voucher supplied by Holman Industries. The competition will be running for the following date 15/07/2023 โ€“ 15/06/2024.

    Click through to find more information on our terms and conditions.

    Can I win more than once? When will it be announced?

    Unfortunately, there will only be one winner! The winner will be announced on the XX/XX/XX via the email provided.

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