Sustainability Statement - Holman Plumbing

Sustainability Statement

At Holman, we are taking new steps as an Australian Owned company to ensure our product range is becoming more sustainably manufactured. It is a priority of ours to continue to bring value to you as a customer without compromising the needs of future generations.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Sourcing a range of environmentally friendly products is extremely important to us. With this in mind, we aim to expand our range of products made from recycled materials. We are working very closely with our manufacturing partners and suppliers to ensure these processes are being implemented.

An expanding range of our products is made through post-consumer plastics, such as agricultural mulch films, plastic cups, and recycled car tyres. This includes a variety of our gardening products, from Micro Fittings and GreenWalls to Poly Pipe and Dripping Hoses. This allows us to support waste management and closing the loop.

We have also heavily invested in our plumbing manufacturing facilities located in Western Australia and Queensland. Enabling us to consistently produce quality fittings made from recycled industrial waste generated in Australia. Holman Industries is committed to meet all guidelines under the Best Environmental Practices (BEP) by receiving and reprocessing Holman branded PVC waste from post-installation sources.

Our drop-off points are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

U1-2/68 Lisgar Street Virginia
QLD 4014
1/10 Johnston Crescent Horsley Park
NSW 2175
145 Northcorp Boulevard Broadmeadows
VIC 3047
11 Walters Drive Osborne Park
WA 6017
Holman Recycling Steps


We are committed to providing our customers with correct recycling and disposal methods for all our product packaging. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has created the APCO Packaging Recycling Label Program to provide us with the correct tools to label packaging.

The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) is an evidence-based, standardised labelling system that provides clear and consistent on-pack recycling information to inform you of the correct kerbside disposal method.

Alongside this program, we continue to reduce our in-store plastic use by modifying material selections and adjusting our design criteria. Steps we have implemented to reduce our amount of in-store plastic and general waste:

  • Reduce sizing of packaging to minimise overall use of cardboard and materials.
  • Discontinue specific box designs by replacing them with perforated boxes to reuse cardboard and reduce waste.
  • Clamshell packaging is discontinued in preference of full-colour recyclable packaging.
  • Discontinue plastic packaging with 100% recyclable bags and cardboard packaging.
  • Ensure that printing processes are applying water-based ink.
  • Use recycled and recyclable cardboard for all new products and updated packaging for existing products.
  • 95% of all Holman Plumbing boxes made from recycled material
  • All Holman Plumbing Stormwater boxes converted to shelf-ready boxes.
  • Eliminate all plastic bags and merchandising boxes for 73 SKU’s.

Plumbing Boxes Recycled

The ARL Labeling System

Recyclable: The coloured/opaque recycling symbol, means that this piece of packaging can be placed in the recycling bin as it is. Each piece of packaging with this label has to be placed separately in the recycling bin.

Conditionally Recyclable: The clear/ transparent recycling symbol means that you must follow the instructions to recycle this packaging component. If you don’t follow the instructions it has to go in the rubbish bin, as it will otherwise not be recycled and cause contamination to the recycling stream.

Not Recyclable: The bin symbol, means that this piece of packaging is not recyclable and you must place it in the rubbish bin. DO NOT place it in the recycling bin. It will not get recycled and it will contaminate the recycling stream.

Information via Recycling Near You.

You can view or download our APCO Annual Report & Action Plan Document below.

arl recycling logos description

Our labelling system

We have created our own labelling system to help you identify which products have been made using recycled materials.

GreenWall and Poly Pipe Logo RGB Large

Products with this logo have been made using 100% recycled mulch film from agricultural farms.

GreenWall and Poly Pipe Logo RGB Large

All products with this logo have been made using 100% recycled plastic cups.

Dripping Hose Logo RGB Large

Products with this logo have been made using at least 80% recycled car tyres.

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